Amp What Help

Search Hints

Search queries will match

  1. name or partial name of the Unicode character, eg. hea or heart
  2. name or partial name of the Unicode code page, eg. hiragana
  3. HTML entity code or name, eg. amp or raqu
  4. Unicode number in decimal, hex or octal, eg. 2665 or 2603 or 2f97 or ⾗
  5. textual description, eg. icon or weather or pig or ligature or latin ligature
  6. regular expressions, if surrounded by / characters, eg. /note|music/ (♫) or /97[2-6]\d/ (icons!) or /&\w/ (HTML character entities)

Copying Characters

Once you select a character in the search results, you can either click on the image of the character, or press "C" to copy it to the clipboard.

Click on the blue frame of a character to bring up the single character view. From this view, click on the character or its code to copy it.

Short cuts

When focused on the grid of results (hit "tab" after a search):

Copy the current character to the clipboard. You can also click on the image of the character.
arrow keys, Home, End
will navigate within the grid
VI(m) shortcuts
g,h,j,k, etc. will navigate like VI and related editors
Emacs shortcuts
a, e, p, n, etc. will navigate like Emacs and related editors
⏎ (return)
opens the single character detail view
⏎, ␣
close the single character viewer

Pressing ? will bring up this help screen.