U+583 փ 0 armenian small letter piwr armenian

U+626 ئ 0 arabic letter yeh with hamza above arabic letter hamzah on ya arabic

U+a2b ਫ 0 gurmukhi letter pha gurmukhi

U+2583 ▃ 0 lower three eighths block block elements

U+2603 ☃ 0 snowman cold weather miscellaneous symbols

U+3126 ㄦ 0 bopomofo letter er bopomofo

U+313b ㄻ 0 hangul letter rieul-mieum hangul letter lieul mieum hangul compatibility jamo

U+3226 ㈦ 0 parenthesized ideograph seven enclosed cjk letters and months

U+a583 ꖃ 0 vai syllable loo vai

U+a66b ꙫ 0 cyrillic small letter binocular o cyrillic extended-b

U+11583 ᖃ 0 siddham letter ii siddham

U+14583 䖃 0 anatolian hieroglyph a342 anatolian hieroglyphs

U+17583 疃 0 TANGUT IDEOGRAPH-# tangut

U+18026 耦 0 TANGUT IDEOGRAPH-# tangut

U+18126 脦 0 TANGUT IDEOGRAPH-# tangut

U+18226 舦 0 TANGUT IDEOGRAPH-# tangut

U+18326 茦 0 TANGUT IDEOGRAPH-# tangut

U+18426 萦 0 TANGUT IDEOGRAPH-# tangut

U+18526 蔦 0 TANGUT IDEOGRAPH-# tangut

U+18583 薃 0 TANGUT IDEOGRAPH-# tangut

U+18626 蘦 0 TANGUT IDEOGRAPH-# tangut

U+18726 蜦 0 TANGUT IDEOGRAPH-# tangut

U+18826 蠦 0 tangut component-039 tangut components

U+18926 褦 0 tangut component-295 tangut components

U+18a26 訦 0 tangut component-551 tangut components

U+1b226 눦 0 NUSHU CHARACTER-# nushu

U+1bc26 밦 0 duployan letter s with dot below duployan

U+1d126 턦 0 musical symbol drum clef-2 musical symbols

U+1d426 퐦 0 mathematical bold small m mathematical alphanumeric symbols

U+1d526 픦 ifr mathematical fraktur small i html entities mathematical alphanumeric symbols

U+1d583 햃 0 mathematical bold fraktur capital x mathematical alphanumeric symbols

U+1d626 혦 0 mathematical sans-serif italic small e mathematical alphanumeric symbols

U+1d726 휦 0 mathematical bold italic capital lamda mathematical alphanumeric symbols

U+1d826 � 0 signwriting hand-fist index hinged middle up thumb side sutton signwriting

U+1d926 � 0 signwriting movement-hinge up down alternating small sutton signwriting

U+1da26 � 0 signwriting eyegaze-floorplane straight alternating sutton signwriting

U+1e826  0 mende kikakui syllable m100 e mende kikakui

U+1e926  0 adlam small letter ba adlam

U+1f026  0 mahjong tile spring mahjong tiles

U+1f126  0 parenthesized latin capital letter w (w) enclosed alphanumeric supplement

U+1f326  0 white sun behind cloud with rain sun behind rain cloud miscellaneous symbols and pictographs

U+1f426  0 bird animal miscellaneous symbols and pictographs

U+1f526  0 electric torch light tool flashlight miscellaneous symbols and pictographs

U+1f583  0 stamped envelope miscellaneous symbols and pictographs

U+1f626  0 frowning face with open mouth smiley emoji :-) :) emoticons

U+1f726  0 alchemical symbol for salt of copper antimoniate alchemical symbols

U+1f826  0 rightwards triangle-headed arrow with medium shaft supplemental arrows-c

U+1f926 臘 0 face palm disbelief exasperation person facepalming facepalm woman woman facepalming man man facepalming supplemental symbols and pictographs


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