U+24 $ dollar dollar sign html entities scalar sigil variable currency symbol buck cash bling string escape ding cache big money basic latin

U+a2 ¢ cent cent sign html entities currency coin latin-1 supplement

U+a3 £ pound pound sign html entities # currency british pound coin latin-1 supplement

U+a4 ¤ curren currency sign html entities latin-1 supplement

U+9f4 ৴ 0 bengali currency numerator one bengali

U+9f5 ৵ 0 bengali currency numerator two bengali

U+9f6 ৶ 0 bengali currency numerator three bengali

U+9f7 ৷ 0 bengali currency numerator four bengali

U+9f8 ৸ 0 bengali currency numerator one less than the denominator bengali

U+9f9 ৹ 0 bengali currency denominator sixteen bengali

U+e3f ฿ 0 thai currency symbol baht thai baht sign thb thai

U+20a0 ₠ 0 euro-currency sign ce currency symbols

U+20a1 ₡ 0 colon sign crc currency symbols

U+20a2 ₢ 0 cruzeiro sign currency symbols

U+20a3 ₣ 0 french franc sign fr. currency symbols

U+20a4 ₤ 0 lira sign l. £ currency symbols

U+20a5 ₥ 0 mill sign currency symbols

U+20a6 ₦ 0 naira sign ngn currency symbols

U+20a7 ₧ 0 peseta sign pts currency symbols

U+20a8 ₨ 0 rupee sign currency symbols

U+20a9 ₩ 0 won sign krw currency symbols

U+20aa ₪ 0 new sheqel sign שח ils currency symbols

U+20ab ₫ 0 dong sign đ vnd currency symbols

U+20ac € euro euro sign html entities currency symbols

U+20ad ₭ 0 kip sign lak currency symbols

U+20ae ₮ 0 tugrik sign mnt currency symbols

U+20af ₯ 0 drachma sign grd currency symbols

U+20b0 ₰ 0 german penny sign currency symbols

U+20b1 ₱ 0 peso sign php currency symbols

U+20b2 ₲ 0 guarani sign pyg currency symbols

U+20b3 ₳ 0 austral sign currency symbols

U+20b4 ₴ 0 hryvnia sign uah currency symbols

U+20b5 ₵ 0 cedi sign ¢ Ȼ ghs currency symbols

U+20b6 ₶ 0 livre tournois sign currency symbols

U+20b7 ₷ 0 spesmilo sign currency symbols

U+20b8 ₸ 0 tenge sign kzt currency symbols

U+20b9 ₹ 0 indian rupee sign inr currency symbols

U+20ba ₺ 0 turkish lira sign tl currency symbols

U+20bb ₻ 0 nordic mark sign currency symbols

U+20bc ₼ 0 manat sign azn currency symbols

U+20bd ₽ 0 ruble sign currency symbols

U+20be ₾ 0 lari sign gel currency symbols

U+fe69 ﹩ 0 small dollar sign currency coin small form variants

U+ff04 $ 0 fullwidth dollar sign currency coin halfwidth and fullwidth forms

U+ffe0 ¢ 0 fullwidth cent sign currency coin halfwidth and fullwidth forms

U+ffe1 £ 0 fullwidth pound sign currency british pound coin halfwidth and fullwidth forms

U+1f4b1  0 currency exchange bank money miscellaneous symbols and pictographs

U+1f4b2  0 heavy dollar sign currency money miscellaneous symbols and pictographs

U+1f4b4  0 banknote with yen sign bill currency money note yen banknote miscellaneous symbols and pictographs

U+1f4b5  0 banknote with dollar sign bill currency money note dollar banknote miscellaneous symbols and pictographs

U+1f4b6  0 banknote with euro sign bill currency money note euro banknote miscellaneous symbols and pictographs

U+1f4b7  0 banknote with pound sign bill currency money note pound banknote miscellaneous symbols and pictographs

U+1f4b9  0 chart with upwards trend and yen sign bank currency graph growth market money rise chart increasing with yen miscellaneous symbols and pictographs


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  1. Arial
  2. Arial Black
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  4. Avant Garde
  5. Bookman
  6. Bookman Old Style
  7. Century Gothic
  8. Comic Sans MS
  9. Copperplate
  10. Copperplate Gothic Light
  11. Courier
  12. Courier New
  13. Garamond
  14. Georgia
  15. Gill Sans
  16. Gill Sans MT
  17. Helvetica
  18. Impact
  19. Lucida Console
  20. Lucida Grande
  21. Lucida Sans Unicode
  22. Palatino
  23. Palatino Linotype
  24. Tahoma
  25. Times
  26. Times New Roman
  27. Trebuchet
  28. Verdana