U+21 ! excl exclamation mark html entities good move (chess) bang pling not shriek ball-bat factorial smash cuss boing yell wow hey wham eureka spark-spot soldier, control basic latin

U+3f ? quest question mark html entities bad move chess query quiz whatmark what wildchar huh hook buttonhook hunchback basic latin

U+203c ‼ 0 double exclamation mark bangbang punctuation !! brilliant move chess general punctuation

U+2047 ⁇ 0 double question mark ?? blunder chess general punctuation

U+2048 ⁈ 0 question exclamation mark ?! dubious move chess general punctuation

U+2049 ⁉ 0 exclamation question mark interrobang punctuation !? interesting move chess general punctuation

U+221e ∞ infin infinity html entities 8 unclear advantage chess mathematical operators

U+25a1 □ square white square html entities only move chess geometric shapes

U+2654 ♔ 0 white chess king miscellaneous symbols

U+2655 ♕ 0 white chess queen miscellaneous symbols

U+2656 ♖ 0 white chess rook miscellaneous symbols

U+2657 ♗ 0 white chess bishop miscellaneous symbols

U+2658 ♘ 0 white chess knight miscellaneous symbols

U+2659 ♙ 0 white chess pawn miscellaneous symbols

U+265a ♚ 0 black chess king miscellaneous symbols

U+265b ♛ 0 black chess queen miscellaneous symbols

U+265c ♜ 0 black chess rook miscellaneous symbols

U+265d ♝ 0 black chess bishop miscellaneous symbols

U+265e ♞ 0 black chess knight miscellaneous symbols

U+265f ♟ 0 black chess pawn miscellaneous symbols


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amp-what is a quick, interactive reference of 14,500 HTML character entities* and common Unicode characters, 8859-1 characters, quotation marks, punctuation marks, accented characters, symbols, mathematical symbols, and Greek letters, icons, and markup-significant & internationalization characters.

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  1. Arial
  2. Arial Black
  3. Arial Narrow
  4. Avant Garde
  5. Bookman
  6. Bookman Old Style
  7. Century Gothic
  8. Comic Sans MS
  9. Copperplate
  10. Copperplate Gothic Light
  11. Courier
  12. Courier New
  13. Garamond
  14. Georgia
  15. Gill Sans
  16. Gill Sans MT
  17. Helvetica
  18. Impact
  19. Lucida Console
  20. Lucida Grande
  21. Lucida Sans Unicode
  22. Palatino
  23. Palatino Linotype
  24. Tahoma
  25. Times
  26. Times New Roman
  27. Trebuchet
  28. Verdana