U+21 ! excl exclamation mark html entities good move (chess) bang pling not shriek ball-bat factorial smash cuss boing yell wow hey wham eureka spark-spot soldier, control basic latin

U+3f ? quest question mark html entities bad move chess query quiz whatmark what wildchar huh hook buttonhook hunchback basic latin

U+203c ‼ 0 double exclamation mark bangbang punctuation !! brilliant move chess general punctuation

U+2047 ⁇ 0 double question mark ?? blunder chess general punctuation

U+2048 ⁈ 0 question exclamation mark ?! dubious move chess general punctuation

U+2049 ⁉ 0 exclamation question mark interrobang punctuation !? interesting move chess general punctuation

U+221e ∞ infin infinity html entities 8 unclear advantage chess mathematical operators

U+25a1 □ square white square html entities only move chess geometric shapes

U+2654 ♔ 0 white chess king miscellaneous symbols

U+2655 ♕ 0 white chess queen miscellaneous symbols

U+2656 ♖ 0 white chess rook miscellaneous symbols

U+2657 ♗ 0 white chess bishop miscellaneous symbols

U+2658 ♘ 0 white chess knight miscellaneous symbols

U+2659 ♙ 0 white chess pawn miscellaneous symbols

U+265a ♚ 0 black chess king miscellaneous symbols

U+265b ♛ 0 black chess queen miscellaneous symbols

U+265c ♜ 0 black chess rook miscellaneous symbols

U+265d ♝ 0 black chess bishop miscellaneous symbols

U+265e ♞ 0 black chess knight miscellaneous symbols

U+265f ♟ 0 black chess pawn miscellaneous symbols


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