U+237b ⍻ 0 not check mark checkmark miscellaneous technical

U+2447 ⑇ 0 ocr amount of check optical character recognition

U+2610 ☐ 0 ballot box checkbox empty miscellaneous symbols

U+2611 ☑ 0 ballot box with check checkbox checkmark miscellaneous symbols

U+2612 ☒ 0 ballot box with x checkbox miscellaneous symbols

U+26c0 ⛀ 0 white draughts man checkers miscellaneous symbols

U+26c1 ⛁ 0 white draughts king checkers miscellaneous symbols

U+26c2 ⛂ 0 black draughts man checkers miscellaneous symbols

U+26c3 ⛃ 0 black draughts king checkers miscellaneous symbols

U+2705 ✅ 0 white heavy check mark checkmark dingbats

U+2713 ✓ check check mark html entities checkmark dingbats

U+2714 ✔ 0 heavy check mark checkmark dingbats

U+2717 ✗ cross ballot x html entities checkbox dingbats

U+2718 ✘ 0 heavy ballot x checkbox dingbats

U+10102 Ă 0 aegean check mark aegean numbers

U+1d93f � 0 signwriting movement-wallplane check small sutton signwriting

U+1d940 � 0 signwriting movement-wallplane check medium sutton signwriting

U+1d941 � 0 signwriting movement-wallplane check large sutton signwriting

U+1d977 � 0 signwriting movement-floorplane check sutton signwriting

U+1f3c1  0 chequered flag checkered racing miscellaneous symbols and pictographs

U+1f5f8  0 light check mark miscellaneous symbols and pictographs

U+1f5f9  0 ballot box with bold check miscellaneous symbols and pictographs

U+1f67e  0 checker board ornamental dingbats

U+1f67f  0 reverse checker board ornamental dingbats

U+1f6eb  0 airplane departure aeroplane departure aeroplane check-in departures transport and map symbols


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