U+2022 • bull bullet black small circle html entities * · separator alt+0149 general punctuation

U+2023 ‣ 0 triangular bullet general punctuation

U+2043 ⁃ hybull hyphen bullet html entities general punctuation

U+204c ⁌ 0 black leftwards bullet general punctuation

U+204d ⁍ 0 black rightwards bullet general punctuation

U+2217 ∗ lowast asterisk operator html entities * bullet mathematical operators

U+2219 ∙ 0 bullet operator mathematical operators

U+22c5 ⋅ sdot dot operator html entities . * bullet separator mathematical operators

U+25d8 ◘ 0 inverse bullet geometric shapes

U+25e6 ◦ 0 white bullet geometric shapes

U+2619 ☙ 0 reversed rotated floral heart bullet miscellaneous symbols

U+2765 ❥ 0 rotated heavy black heart bullet dingbats

U+2767 ❧ 0 rotated floral heart bullet dingbats

U+29be ⦾ olcir circled white bullet html entities miscellaneous mathematical symbols-b

U+29bf ⦿ ofcir circled bullet html entities miscellaneous mathematical symbols-b

U+1f685  0 high-speed train with bullet nose railway shinkansen transport and map symbols


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