U+5b5 ֵ 0 hebrew point tsere hebrew

U+a69 ੩ 0 gurmukhi digit three gurmukhi

U+25b5 ▵ triangle white up-pointing small triangle white up pointing small triangle html entities geometric shapes

U+2665 ♥ hearts black heart suit valentine html entities card cards game poker miscellaneous symbols

U+3179 ㅹ 0 hangul letter kapyeounssangpieup hangul letter ssang bieub sun gyeong eum hangul compatibility jamo

U+a5b5 ꖵ 0 vai syllable nggu vai

U+a6a9 ꚩ 0 bamum letter i bamum

U+115b5 ᖵ 0 siddham vowel sign vocalic rr siddham

U+145b5 䖵 0 anatolian hieroglyph a386 anatolian hieroglyphs

U+175b5 疵 0 TANGUT IDEOGRAPH-# tangut

U+185b5 薵 0 TANGUT IDEOGRAPH-# tangut

U+1d5b5 햵 0 mathematical sans-serif capital v mathematical alphanumeric symbols

U+1f5b5  0 screen miscellaneous symbols and pictographs


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