U+27 ' apos apostrophe apostrophe-quote html entities apotrophe single quote quote prime glitch tick irk pop spark closing single quotation mark acute accent basic latin

U+60 ` DiacriticalGrave grave accent spacing grave html entities backquote left quote left single quote open quote grave backprime backspark unapostrophe birk blugle back tick back glitch push opening single quotation mark quasiquote basic latin

U+149 ʼn napos latin small letter n preceded by apostrophe latin small letter apostrophe n html entities 'n latin extended-a

U+2bc ʼ 0 modifier letter apostrophe spacing modifier letters

U+2ee ˮ 0 modifier letter double apostrophe spacing modifier letters

U+55a ՚ 0 armenian apostrophe armenian modifier letter right half ring armenian

U+7f4 ߴ 0 nko high tone apostrophe nko

U+7f5 ߵ 0 nko low tone apostrophe nko

U+ff07 ' 0 fullwidth apostrophe halfwidth and fullwidth forms


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