U+f00 ༀ 0 tibetan syllable om tibetan

U+f01 ༁ 0 tibetan mark gter yig mgo truncated a tibetan

U+f02 ༂ 0 tibetan mark gter yig mgo -um rnam bcad ma tibetan

U+f03 ༃ 0 tibetan mark gter yig mgo -um gter tsheg ma tibetan

U+f04 ༄ 0 tibetan mark initial yig mgo mdun ma tibetan single ornament tibetan

U+f05 ༅ 0 tibetan mark closing yig mgo sgab ma tibetan

U+f06 ༆ 0 tibetan mark caret yig mgo phur shad ma tibetan

U+f07 ༇ 0 tibetan mark yig mgo tsheg shad ma tibetan

U+f08 ༈ 0 tibetan mark sbrul shad tibetan rgyanshad tibetan

U+f09 ༉ 0 tibetan mark bskur yig mgo tibetan

U+f0a ༊ 0 tibetan mark bka- shog yig mgo tibetan

U+f0b ་ 0 tibetan mark intersyllabic tsheg tibetan tseg tibetan

U+f0c ༌ 0 tibetan mark delimiter tsheg bstar tibetan

U+f0d ། 0 tibetan mark shad tibetan shad tibetan

U+f0e ༎ 0 tibetan mark nyis shad tibetan double shad tibetan

U+f0f ༏ 0 tibetan mark tsheg shad tibetan

U+f10 ༐ 0 tibetan mark nyis tsheg shad tibetan

U+f11 ༑ 0 tibetan mark rin chen spungs shad tibetan rinchanphungshad tibetan

U+f12 ༒ 0 tibetan mark rgya gram shad tibetan

U+f13 ༓ 0 tibetan mark caret -dzud rtags me long can tibetan

U+f14 ༔ 0 tibetan mark gter tsheg tibetan comma tibetan

U+f15 ༕ 0 tibetan logotype sign chad rtags tibetan

U+f16 ༖ 0 tibetan logotype sign lhag rtags tibetan

U+f17 ༗ 0 tibetan astrological sign sgra gcan -char rtags tibetan

U+f18 ༘ 0 tibetan astrological sign -khyud pa tibetan

U+f19 ༙ 0 tibetan astrological sign sdong tshugs tibetan

U+f1a ༚ 0 tibetan sign rdel dkar gcig tibetan

U+f1b ༛ 0 tibetan sign rdel dkar gnyis tibetan

U+f1c ༜ 0 tibetan sign rdel dkar gsum tibetan

U+f1d ༝ 0 tibetan sign rdel nag gcig tibetan

U+f1e ༞ 0 tibetan sign rdel nag gnyis tibetan

U+f1f ༟ 0 tibetan sign rdel dkar rdel nag tibetan

U+f20 ༠ 0 tibetan digit zero tibetan

U+f21 ༡ 0 tibetan digit one tibetan

U+f22 ༢ 0 tibetan digit two tibetan

U+f23 ༣ 0 tibetan digit three tibetan

U+f24 ༤ 0 tibetan digit four tibetan

U+f25 ༥ 0 tibetan digit five tibetan

U+f26 ༦ 0 tibetan digit six tibetan

U+f27 ༧ 0 tibetan digit seven tibetan

U+f28 ༨ 0 tibetan digit eight tibetan

U+f29 ༩ 0 tibetan digit nine tibetan

U+f2a ༪ 0 tibetan digit half one tibetan

U+f2b ༫ 0 tibetan digit half two tibetan

U+f2c ༬ 0 tibetan digit half three tibetan

U+f2d ༭ 0 tibetan digit half four tibetan

U+f2e ༮ 0 tibetan digit half five tibetan

U+f2f ༯ 0 tibetan digit half six tibetan

U+f30 ༰ 0 tibetan digit half seven tibetan

U+f31 ༱ 0 tibetan digit half eight tibetan

U+f32 ༲ 0 tibetan digit half nine tibetan

U+f33 ༳ 0 tibetan digit half zero tibetan

U+f34 ༴ 0 tibetan mark bsdus rtags tibetan

U+f35 ༵ 0 tibetan mark ngas bzung nyi zla tibetan honorific under ring tibetan

U+f36 ༶ 0 tibetan mark caret -dzud rtags bzhi mig can tibetan

U+f37 ༷ 0 tibetan mark ngas bzung sgor rtags tibetan under ring tibetan

U+f38 ༸ 0 tibetan mark che mgo tibetan

U+f39 ༹ 0 tibetan mark tsa -phru tibetan lenition mark tibetan

U+f3a ༺ 0 tibetan mark gug rtags gyon tibetan

U+f3b ༻ 0 tibetan mark gug rtags gyas tibetan

U+f3c ༼ 0 tibetan mark ang khang gyon tibetan left brace tibetan

U+f3d ༽ 0 tibetan mark ang khang gyas tibetan right brace tibetan

U+f3e ༾ 0 tibetan sign yar tshes tibetan

U+f3f ༿ 0 tibetan sign mar tshes tibetan

U+f40 ཀ 0 tibetan letter ka tibetan

U+f41 ཁ 0 tibetan letter kha tibetan

U+f42 ག 0 tibetan letter ga tibetan

U+f43 གྷ 0 tibetan letter gha tibetan

U+f44 ང 0 tibetan letter nga tibetan

U+f45 ཅ 0 tibetan letter ca tibetan

U+f46 ཆ 0 tibetan letter cha tibetan

U+f47 ཇ 0 tibetan letter ja tibetan

U+f49 ཉ 0 tibetan letter nya tibetan

U+f4a ཊ 0 tibetan letter tta tibetan letter reversed ta tibetan

U+f4b ཋ 0 tibetan letter ttha tibetan letter reversed tha tibetan

U+f4c ཌ 0 tibetan letter dda tibetan letter reversed da tibetan

U+f4d ཌྷ 0 tibetan letter ddha tibetan

U+f4e ཎ 0 tibetan letter nna tibetan letter reversed na tibetan

U+f4f ཏ 0 tibetan letter ta tibetan

U+f50 ཐ 0 tibetan letter tha tibetan

U+f51 ད 0 tibetan letter da tibetan

U+f52 དྷ 0 tibetan letter dha tibetan

U+f53 ན 0 tibetan letter na tibetan

U+f54 པ 0 tibetan letter pa tibetan

U+f55 ཕ 0 tibetan letter pha tibetan

U+f56 བ 0 tibetan letter ba tibetan

U+f57 བྷ 0 tibetan letter bha tibetan

U+f58 མ 0 tibetan letter ma tibetan

U+f59 ཙ 0 tibetan letter tsa tibetan

U+f5a ཚ 0 tibetan letter tsha tibetan

U+f5b ཛ 0 tibetan letter dza tibetan

U+f5c ཛྷ 0 tibetan letter dzha tibetan

U+f5d ཝ 0 tibetan letter wa tibetan

U+f5e ཞ 0 tibetan letter zha tibetan

U+f5f ཟ 0 tibetan letter za tibetan

U+f60 འ 0 tibetan letter -a tibetan letter aa tibetan

U+f61 ཡ 0 tibetan letter ya tibetan

U+f62 ར 0 tibetan letter ra tibetan

U+f63 ལ 0 tibetan letter la tibetan

U+f64 ཤ 0 tibetan letter sha tibetan


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